Overview of HB 970

There were many restrictions in the previous Food Cottage Law which prevented the growth of small business by restricting the sale of goods to an individuals home and by offering little or no protection to homes participating in Food Cottage Operations. HB 970 amends the Local Government Code to prohibit a municipal zoning ordinance and a county zoning ordinance from prohibiting the use of a home for food cottage production operations. The previous bill limited the use of ingredients considered as “Potentially Hazardous Foods.” HB 970 clarifies that hazardous foods can be used as ingredients if the final food product does not require time or temperature control for safety to limit pathogen growth or toxin production. To stimulate small business growth, HB 970 will allow individuals participating in Food Cottage Operations to sell products to consumers at farmers’ markets, farm stands, municipal, country, or nonprofit fairs, festivals or events. In short, HB 970 will increase business sales by allowing you to sell openly and freely at the locations listed above. For more information, please take a look at the Analysis Document written by Texas House Representative Eddie Rodriguez. (Click here to view)